Garrison Owen York - Vocals, Guitars
Jarrod Allen Lacy - Drums, Keys
Russell Anderson - Bass
:: BIO ::

Open to the Hound, based out of Denver, Colorado, is a three-piece band marked by juxtaposition and dynamics.  The music combines loud feedback-saturated rock music with soft intimate moments and delicate guitar playing.  Original and personal lyrics that describe real-life struggles of the artist and individual, are laced with an awestruck look at our place in the expansiveness of nature, the universe, and existence.  Open to the Hound is about exploring both the tangible and the intangible, the intimate and the impersonal, the sentimental and the dispassionate, the macro and the micro.  It is about the relationship between the motion of galaxies and the trail of a lone rabbit running through a snowy forest at dawn.  It is Wilderness Rock.

Founded by Garrison Owen York in 2006, the early years saw York operate Open to the Hound as a singer/songwriter.

In 2014, York met up with Jarrod Lacy and the two began arranging an unreleased batch of songs, and quickly found that while they had chemistry as collaborators, the duo lacked the dynamic range they both desired.  Russell Anderson was brought in to complete a rhythm section with Lacy on drums and Anderson on bass.

It is in this vein that the three have been writing, performing, and perfecting the songs that now make up the new Open to the Hound EP “Way of the Critter.” 

 opentothehound@gmail.com ::


Such Sweaters on Our Teeth by: A. Trygg